WaterMine launches new website

WaterMine Innovation is pleased to lauch our new website, coded in-house by our CEO Scott Hopkins! Our updated website provides a modern, interactive view of WaterMine activites that will better serve current and prospective clients.

Featured on the cover of JASMS

Researchers from WaterMine, SCIEX, Bedrock Scientific, and the University of Waterloo have collaborated to demonstrate how dynamic ion-solvent clustering can confer additional stability to peptides in differential ion mobility and mass spectrometry environments. The formation of solvent vapor "air bags" protects ions against collision-induced dissociation.

A parallelized code for computing molecular size

WaterMine and the University of Waterloo researchers have collaborated to produce a new computer code for calculating molecular collision cross sections (CCSs). This effort will help streamline the process of determining molecular size and will aid practitioners of ion mobility spectrometry, particularly those who are interested small molecule drug discovery and metabolomics.

Separating and characterizing chiral isomers with DMS

Researchers from WaterMine, Bedrock Scientific, SCIEX, and the University of Waterloo demonstrate the use of differential ion mobility to separate chirals isomers of amphetamine and methamphetamine. The separation and analysis of chiral compounds, especially enantiomers, presents a great challenge to modern analytical chemistry, particularly to mass spectrometry. Our new methodology enables separation and characterization in less than 90 seconds!

WaterMine improves algorithm for target screening

WaterMine's proprietary classification algorithms score remarkably well. For out-of-the-bag tests, pesticides were correctly identified with >91% accuracy. In a testing set of more than 500 molecules, no false negatives and only three false positives were found when screening for CYP3A4 inhibitors.